Waking up is great

Four months ago, I wrote about a strategy you can use to not have a shitty morning.

The strategy still applies, but there's an even better thing that you can do in the morning than get the shit out of your system: whatever you want.

Work on your business. Go for a walk. Write some blog posts. Workout. Learn something new. Make yourself a fantastic breakfast.

It may sound so cliche, but it's true. When I rise before I have to make my way way to my job, it feels like the world is mine.

There are several benefits:

I can do whatever I choose. I was struggling with deciding what to do this morning when I got out of bed at 3:30 because there are so many things I want to work on. For an hour, I sat, paralyzed, just thinking: out of all the things I could do, what would be the most impactful thing for me to do? I realized that whatever I did would be more impactful than thinking about it.

I'm not tired in the way I am after coming home from work. When I get home, I'm most inclined to veg out and watch stupid videos on YouTube simply because my mind and body are tired. Because I just woke up, I don't have that problem.

I don't feel like I'm wasting my life. I don't feel guilty for being tired, or for getting distracted when I come home from work. I can indulge in however I'm feeling later in the day. Feel like writing a post? Great. Feel like doing nothing, watching a show, or playing games? Also great.

I can take things slow. If I stay in bed until the last possible minute, I'll be in a rush to get out the door. As a result, I'll be in a rush all day. I don't understand why, but it does seem to work that way. Getting up early means that I can spend a good amount of time on whatever I'm working on. If I wanted to spend an hour making breakfast, I can do that AND enjoy eating it.

You know, I think I understand the collaboration policy a bit better now. Most of life does happen outside of core hours.

But I just can't get out of bed

I just can't. It's too hard. I keep falling back asleep after hitting snooze. I like my bed so much. This mattress is too comfortable.

That's cute.