Week 39

Let's get back into it.


It's always great to start the week off with Jesse Lee Peterson Savage Moments


YT (GOOG) knows that I'm going to get a new phone soon, so it recommends me with phone review videos.

This video is very well titled, it might just end my search

Hmm, maybe not. The downsides of no 3.5mm headphone jack, a front-facing camera that pops up mechanically, and a starting prices of $999 outweigh the coolness factor of this phone.

The OnePlus 6(t) is still at the top of my list.

Another MGTOW video from the Happy Humble Hermit.

I like the points that he makes in his videos, even though he may be showcasing some very extreme cases. The example he shows of a "princess" needing an on-call driver for 4 hours every other day is definitely extreme. The desperation of the person writing the request clearly comes through, and I'm not convinced that anyone would take it seriously. It could even be a joke post.

The sad part, which necessitates the message in HHH's video, is that there are guys who will respond to the ad. They will read over all of the crazy parts of the ad...

I am a walking carnival
I love to not take anything seriously
I smoke cigarettes
[You] be available
[You] be available NOW before i change my mind
[You] have money

... and get excited by the last sentence, hoping that by giving their time, energy, effort, and apparently money, to this princess that they will get sex.

Anyone who falls for something like that is more desperate than the OP and will be learning a hard lesson about modern day entitlement.

I went and looked for the first video that he made:

Time is such a crazy idea, isn't it? Do you think animals, insects, and other beings that just are have any concept of time? Or do they just live, without any fear, anger, or resentment of wasted time?

My cat sits around and sleeps for the majority of the day, yet he is at peace. He does not have any opinion about how much time he has spent doing literally nothing.

The family dog has a stomache disease that is likely to kill him very soon. He barely eats, and throws up most of what he gets down. Does he know that his time is short? Does he fear what's coming? I'd guess not, because he still does dog things as if that's the only thing that matters.

I think we can learn a lot from our pets. Copy them in their way of life. Just be what you are, and don't worry so much.

Any guy that fell for that ad should just go down to the plantation to find that special someone.

We've come full circle:

Those concepts and ways of thinking that feminists pushed are coming back to bite everybody in the ass.

But I'm not laughing about it. I'm annoyed that the work of a few insecure people and the platform given to them by a weak generation has made it harder for the entire population to live normally. The biggest challenge for our generation is un-learning the stupid ways of thinkings and behaviors that have been implanted in our heads, then figuring out how not to have the pendulum swing to the extreme other side, because that's not going to help.

I've heard a lot of people making MGTOW videos using the phrase "hitting the wall" when describing women who are approaching their 30s, are still single, and feel emptiness when looking around at all of their friends getting married and having children.

The connotation behind the phrase is that once women reach a certain age, their SMV (sexual market value) plummets and they become useless. It is true that beyond a certain point, people cannot reproduce. It happens earlier for women than it does for guys, but a lot of guys are becoming infertile now because of bad advice, so the problem is not with just one sex.

The thing that we should realize is that the feeling of emptiness and hopelessless that a woman feels when "hitting the wall" comes from the same source that makes a guy want to go MGTOW.


Read between the lines of Georgia Free's video to understand what I mean:

Get it?

She's been "jumping through all the hoops" that society gave her, fully beleiving in the lie that it would provide happiness and life fulfillment.

Now she's making videos to warn other people about the trap so that they don't fall into it.

And why do you think this trap exists? Who do you think created this trap? What sort of struggle has been in place for the last thousand years?

The next video I found brings me back to my chair research.

Thanks YouTube for keeping me on track!

Watched this, wanna test these things out:


Message good.
Listen well.


This guys makes a good point.

We often get caught up in something being the end-all be-all solution to all of our problems, when it's just one small step on the way.

The reason we do it is to feel good about ourselves. If you've been doing a bad habit for all of your life, then quit, you'll feel great every time you think about how strong you were to quit.

Don't get me wrong - ending the bad habit is a great thing to do as it will solve at least one problem you have. But it won't solve all of them, and you're not automatically a great person because you did it.

If you've been a chain smoker for twenty years then quit, but still fap multiple times a day, roll out of bed after snoozing your alarm six times, and smell bad because you skip too many showers, you still have a lot of work to do.

Use some of the tricks you learned from changing one habit to change others.

Peter Schiff provides quality entertainment, probably without even realizing it.

Protesters are dumb as fuck lol.

Have a good weekend.


The BODY LANGUAGE GHOST! Reviewing the Kavanaugh hearing. It's sooooo interesting.


A day to rest, reflect, and put things back into perspective.

Im Jackson, please enjoy the show.

Got time to learn something?