Week 35


Starting late this week. It's not that I haven't been watching videos, I just haven't been posting them here. I have been adding them to a playlist, so not all is lost.

You gotta give it to this man, he's a real comedic genius.

Never misunderestimate someone just because you think he's an idiot. You may be the idiot for believing that he's an idiot. Because while you're spending all that time thinking he's an idiot, he's quietly executing on his plan to accomplish his mission.

Now, who's the idiot?

Interesting video up next lookin at the state of society in South Korea.

If you look closely, you can draw some parallels to the way we're going: Intense competition for higher education and top jobs; popularization of bodily mutilation (sex change, plastic surgery included); increased rate of suicide amongst young adults and teens - mainly boys; extreme disconnection from nature.

It's not to say that you can't have a great life in a fallen society, though. If it's your nature to do what's right, regardless of what society says, you can still do it, but you will have a much harder time. I wonder what will happen there.


You cannot keep a truth from coming to light. You can only delay its discovery.

Another Vipassana experience video. Insights similar to Mouthy Buddha's in week 24.

Learning to see things as they are is much harder than it seems. I have been doing the silent prayer for about two months and it does not seem to be working. Funny that the problem with that statement is me thinking that it's not working, instead of just knowing that it is working. Why would it not be working?

Holy shit.

Magikarp is the unluckiest Pokemon ever.


As if you needed more evidence that the media lies to its viewers

One of my favorite sets: