Week 34


Calm your nigger tits

This is an interesting recommendation.

And then,

So you're saying all that I have to say is "Okay" and I'll be higher status than the person I'm talking to?

Wow, that's so easy, let me try it. Tomorrow I'll just say "Okay" all day to anyone that says anything to me.


Oh, did you know that Fa4ceb00k is stalking your every thought and exploiting it to make you buy more things when you're emotionally vulnerable and working with the G000gle to give you the real news when it matters most?

And that the solution is just to not use the social medias? Isn't that so easy to do?

No Don, you're crazy. It's so far-fetched, far-right, alt-right, xenophobic, sexist ideas that hold no the basis in the reality and you'r creazy for belevening it. You need to watch more MSNBCNNBBC news at seven.

When you are tired, you are more susceptible to things getting past your mental filter. So in the evening, when most people are tired after work is the best time to have the news shows because people have a harder time distinguishing what is bullshit.

If I was a TV entertainment executive, I would charge a premium to have the news aired in the evening.


I'm currently eating a Burger Meal and am about to click on a bunch of videos on my home page that YouTube genius algorithm has recommended for me. Don't expect to see anything different today than what you've seen in other weeks.

The clickbaitiness is strong in this one:

These reporters don't ask very interesting questions, and they're the same ones that have been asked in other press conferences.

No wonder the mainstream media sucks. It's still fun to observe though.

The show Black Mirror isn't about commentary of where humanity is heading with technology. It's about where we already are.

It's one of the reasons I love the show so much.

Don't be mislead by how advanced the technology is or that we don't have whatever features yet. The technology is advanced in the show so that it's out of the way.

It's not the technology's fault that all of the terrible things are happening in the show, it's our's.

Great suspenseful video, but the comments are where it's at.


Did you catch what the panel said in response?

Everyone has its own opinion

No, the thing after the empty diss.

The whole idea of this sort of project and communities is just to spread the word that hey, there is a project where you can really come, and if you want to really learn, then you can learn. We just want to make sure that there is people that is making a career here, they are overcoming the ... salaries ... all different kinds of problems in the industry.

What they're saying is that girls are too dumb to figure out that they can learn about opportunities on their own.

How do boys find out that there is a project where you can really come, and if you want to really learn, then they can learn?

Why don't these people in the panel go out and be STEM people themselves instead of telling everybody else to do it?

Another from Mouthy Budda. Amazing editing on this one.s

One of the comments:

Q is real, but not what its followers think. I spent a career in military intelligence. This Q phenomenon is a very well executed psyop directed AT those Trump supporters who should be revolting because he hasn’t locked her up or built a wall. Q is keeping those supporters pacified with the farce that a massive counter-coups is being fought in the shadows.

I often remark that Q is fan fiction meets psychological operation.

This is someting that some of the people around me are saying. Imagine if Q is just a psyop meant to keep people from revolting. If that's the case, it's simply a delay tactic, because once it becomes clear that it wasn't real, then those people will revolt anyway.

If Q is just a psyop to keep people pacified, a civil war will break out.

One more before bed.

Porn is bad, mmkay?


Interesting take on the Georgia Guidestones that I wrote a poem about.

She's right. It doesn't matter who built the guidestones or why they built it. They are just stones with words carved into them. The only power they have is that which we give them.

And here I am, writing about them again, making you aware of their presence. And this will not be the last time you hear about them. You may even go down a rabbit hole trying to connect the dots of the mystery. You'll waste your time on them.

Exactly as the creators intended.

I suggest you start called POTUS who he really is:

CEO of America.


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