I overheard a group of friends talking about someone on the bus ride home today.

Her name was Julie.

Hmm, don't remember Julie.

You know, Julie. Smokes a lot. Wears those cool sunglasses.

Oh, that Julie.

Yea, she's really cool.

I wonder if Julie knows that her friends1 identify her that way. I wonder if she cares.

If Julie had access to the filesystem where Facebook captured what you say, I wonder if she would listen to the records under her friend's profile.

I'm sure she would. I mean, if given the opportunity, I would too. Just for fun.

The litigation comes when you use those files for blackmail. If you do get the chance, don't use them against anyone, unless it's for a good cause.

The occurence on the bus reminded me that I do often wonder what others think of me. Sometimes I worry about what others think of me, from a guy whose way I got in on the street to my boss. I want people to have good things to say about me.

I want people to view me as a good person. Doesn't everybody?

But this is an impossible task.

The same as finishing this post right now.

Enjoy this music instead:

1. Assumption