Future is coming

Future is coming

Today we walk by homeless in the streets without remorse. We feel bad they have no place to go, but we have no true desire to help.

If we do give, we often do so out of selfishness. We don't stop to talk, to ask, to be empathetic with those down on their luck.

We give to charities in hopes that they are solving all kinds of problems all around the world.

When we learn that most of these charities give very little towards their advertised cause, we ignore it or just choose one we don't know more about because we want to feel good more than we want to do good.

But in Future, there will be no homeless, and there will be no reason for charities to exist.

Everyone will have a place to stay, food to eat, and wealth to share.

There will be no pollution. No environmental problems like climate change.

Transportation, homes, industry - 100% run on energy that cooperates with and completents the natural forces.

There would be little worry about ever getting sick.

Before you even get sick, you will have been already diagnosed and cured. Major procedures like birth and the occasional amputation will be quick and surprisingly painless.

There will be no war.

The countries of the world will have united under the mission of furthering humanity.

But who would do the work? You ask. If everyone got everything they wanted, why would anyone choose to work?

Well, there may be someone who's passion it is to give birth and provide amputation. People do that now, don't they? They will continue to do so. Everybody will love what they do, and what they do will provide immense value to those around them.

You could go on vacation to Mars and to the Moon. You'll have to wear a spacesuit of course, but you'll be able to make that a weekend trip.

You would be able to live life exactly the way you imagine it.

And all of us will live happily on our little planet called Earth.

All 670 million of us.

Oh, but times were not always good.

Before Future, there were hard times...

Never Forget®

Future is coming