It feels like a lot of shit is going to happen in April. And a lot of people are going to get really mad.

How so?

I just have a feeling.

What do people have to be mad about?


What? Then why would people get mad?

Let's say there is a thing, and you do not know about this thing. Because you do not know about it, it is not possible to have any sort of emotion about that thing. If you find out and you don't like that thing, then you have reason be mad about it. How mad you get depends on how much not knowing about it negatively affected your life.

There are many things like that.
Most people don't even know about one of these things.

The first time I figured out one of these things was eleven years ago. I felt so betrayed. I started reading everything I could about that thing, related things, and even testing it in real life. I learned enough to be able to tell the real information from the fake.

I was pretty angry when I found out about that thing, but I slowly accepted it and just learned to live with it.

So by the time I found out about a different thing, the degree of betrayal was less than it was for the first thing. And so on and so forth for the many, many other things I found out about.

The more things I learned about, the easier it was for me to process the thing because I had already seen something similar. Nowadays, when I find out about a thing, I get angry for about one day, then realize it's just reality and I should focus on the things I could actually do something about.

But, what if I had learned about all of those things in the span of a month? A year?

Everybody feels betrayed after learning about the first thing. But the first thing is usually just one thing. What if the first thing is a bundle of many different things that all come at you at once?