The history of today will be read thousands of years from now from the point of view of the people playing a game of Risk. The wars between the countries will be described simply as that's just how the game was played.

This is where I live.

Here's what it says:

The high quality of life, cultural heritage, and environmental assets of the Northern California region make it an attractive - and expensive - place to live. How can sustainable land use strategies be employed while limiting the skyrocketing cost of living?

I say, we do have a really strong cultural heritage here in this megaregion. We even hold our own in regards to GDP production. We have 5% of the population and we produce 5% of the country's GDP.

Go us!

But alas, our region does face its challenges. We need to figure out how to keep our housing costs down before it gets too out of control. Maybe we can employ someone to help us solve this problem, to help us live more sustainably.

Check out this place. 118% projected population growth from 2010 to 2050. That's a lot of growth.

The Sun Corridor is equivalent to Indiana in size and population but will add another Indiana's worth of residents by 2040. Located in a desert environment, Phoenix and Tucson - the megaregion's biggest metropolitan regions - have instituted water conservation requirements and are promoting the use of desert landscaping. These efforts provide the two metros with enough water for perhaps up to twenty million people, preparing the Sun Corridor for current and future growth.

But looks like it has plenty of room for more growth. The water conservation efforts mean that there will be enough water for many generations to come.

Phoenix and Tucson, the principal cities. I wonder if they get fluoridated water.

... researches ...

Pheonix does, Tucson does not, but propaganda is well underway to sway public opinion using cavities in children as the bait.

So if you do want to move to the Sun Corridor, you'd still want to get your own water filter.

Want to participate in the game for global domination?

Well, you can't really participate because you probably don't own a country, which you sort of need to get any sort of large army together. But you can fantasize about it by reading about the different megaregions.

You can even pick up Risk from your local borad games shop for a simulated version of the global game people are playing. It's also much easier to set up.

And hey, although it's not as fun when people's lives are not at stake, what really matters is that you have a good time with your friends.

This is a map of the United States drawn up by the UN in 1992 of how the continent should look and what the map should be used for.

An interesting exercise is seeing what is on / planned for the areas designated as "little to no human use."

Click on the map to make it bigger: