Week 31


This guy, Scotty, is walking around a market in Mumbai. He comes across a store selling antique cameras. The owner is very happy to have a customer. Watch what happens when he realizes he does not:

I admire how the man does not become any less helpful when salesman mode disengages.


An amazing debate about immigration.

The people that want open borders, want to abolish ICE, and are against the wall being built, I don't think they understand the reasons for the wall being built, or what "secure the border" means.

It's not a black or white issue. People love phrasing issues like this these days - if you don't agree, you're a racist homophobic xenophobe. There can be no middle ground. If there's no middle ground, there's no common ground.

I don't think open border, abolish-ICE people realize that even if the wall is built, immigration will still take place. People will still - as they always have been - be able to come into this country, apply for residency, and assimilate.

But Don, things aren't as they use to be! It's a lot harder to become a citizen these days. It's a lot harder to get a greencard even. I know this guy at work who's been trying for like five years still on an H1-B visa!

We've been asleep for the last two decades while the problem was being quietly created. That's why it's not how it use to be. I didn't see anybody complaining about deportations under Obama, except for those being deported. People who think that the immigration policies that are all up in the news today are new have been asleep. They gotta do more research or shut the hell up. The most surprising thing is that all of the people who are the loudest critics of the current immigration policies are the same ones who helped create the problem on both sides of the border.

Think about this question: why are the ones who helped build the policies against their own policies all of a sudden?

Anyway, the thing that was missed in the debate is, I think, an important aspect of the reason that that we want a secure border. The surface-level discussion is valid, but it is still mainly optics.

As you saw in the video, a lot of the audince members were very upset about people coming into the country illegally, staying here, and then acting like they own the place. The man who came here legally from the Philippines was livid. Dang. There are a few more reason to be angry about open borders, though.

An open border is also a way to easily transport drugs, humans, weapons, money, intelligence, and terrorists across the border. When I say humans, I mean children and people being abducted for use in the underground sex industry. "Building the wall" stops the flow of these things in and out of the country. It doesn't stop the problem (you can always find another way to smuggle) but it does throw a wrench into the business operations, and when you have to scramble to find news ways to keep your operation going, you're more likely to slip up, make a mistake that exposes your evil, and dig your own grave.

This video made me feel so proud to live in California:

I've watched and read a lot about the benefits of not masturbating lately, but this is the first time I've come across this argument. So, he's right in that he says this is a benefit that no one is talking about.

It's been ten days for me. Before that, I had about three or four streaks that lasted for one to two weeks each before I relapsed to watch porn and jack off. But when I did, I noticed that I felt tired and somewhat depressed the days after. You could say that I felt drained.

If you Google 'masturbation' one of the top results is an article from Planned Parenthood. If you've looked into the background of Planned Parenthood, you'll know that this is a major red flag because they tell so many lies. They are probably doing so here too:

Later on, they say:

If you feel that [masturbating is wrong], try to remember that most people do it.

This is like telling you if you are feeling bad for robbing a store that most people do it, so you should not feel bad.

If something is wrong, the fact that most people do it does not make it right. It does make most people wrong. That's just how the concept of right and wrong works.

Here's something to think about: Planned Parenthood does not provide you any links to their sources. They don't tell you what studies they are using, or what evidence they have to reach their conclusions. They tell you to trust them without showing their hand.


I have no idea how I came across this video. Clicking on enough suggested videos gets me to some pretty weird places.

This guy just goes into a post office and starts filming. The first part of the video is oddly satisfying, then at 1:55 it gets interesting.

Last one for this week.